Teaching Reading



Methodology in Language Teaching

Reading is a skill that really important in language acquisition. The skill that needs more exposure to get more input and information about the language especially English language is one of language component. The teachers have to be creative in using text as material and activities in the classroom so that the students are motivated to read more texts or books. From reading, the students could learn anything including vocabulary, grammar, spelling and sentences. So they could improve their writing or other skills. There are three articles in this book to overcome the issues in teaching reading.  First article describes the problems that are always faced by the teacher in teaching reading both in the first language and the second language. How the teacher find dilemmas in teaching reading because it is something that crucial in teaching language. These nine dilemmas intended to incite discussion or debate in L2 instructional practices. They can lead to have research agendas and instruction; it can see from how the context L1 could influence L2 context of reading, how the vocabulary could be a part of the reading mastery, how formal aspects of language and genre structure influence the comprehension and reading ability, how to motivate the students to read a lot, etc. These issues could open the discussion on the research and to find the solution to cope the problems in the teaching reading and reading practices.

The second article describe about teaching strategic on reading that written by Joy Janzen. He describe about the implication of reading strategy research for teachers that can be conducted to solve problems in teaching reading. The reading strategies including summarizing, predicting, clarifying, and asking questions can be used and can be taught to the students, these strategies can help the students to improve students’ performance on comprehension of texts and help to develop as strategic readers. The purpose of this article is to describe how a version of a comprehensive approach to teaching strategic reading is working successfully in ESL classroom. There are effective instructions in strategic reading such as general reading discussion, teacher modeling, student reading, analysis of strategies used by the teacher or by students when thinking aloud, and explanation /discussion of individual strategies on regular basis. Janzen used this approach in his classroom and conducted these classroom processes. He found out that the approach was adapting of reading strategic from an L1 situation to an L2 environment, a very important issues to consider was how fast the teacher should introduce new strategies. The result of the research is using the method have been very positive for the students; they can read and think aloud and identify strategies to use that help them to understand their reading process better, in both their L1 and their L2.

The third article describe about extensive reading  which is doing activities reading for long and large quantities to get general understanding that can do outside the classroom without any pressure and the purpose sometimes for pleasure. Based on the article there are some characteristics of successful of Extensive Reading (ER) program such as:

  1. Students’ read large amounts of material
  2. Students’ usually choose what they want to read
  3. Reading materials vary in terms of topic and genre
  4. The material students read is within their level of comprehension
  5. Teachers read with their students, thus modeling enthusiasm for reading
  6. Teachers and students keep track of student progress

The benefits of Extensive Reading as following:

  1. It could improve language learning including vocabulary, spelling grammar and text structure
  2. Increase knowledge and information about the world
  3. Improve other skill; writing and speaking and reading itself
  4.  Get pleasure and enjoyment
  5. More positive attitude
  6. Get developing a reading habit
  7. develop language exposure

This program is practical to do in the class for all teachers and students. By encouraging the students to read extensively and showing them how to do so, by giving they chance to pick their own text material in ESL hope they could develop their writing style, an adequate vocabulary, advanced grammar and good speaker or good speller. After that the teachers do some research to see if the implementation of the program is successful or not.


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