My Reflection in Teaching and Learning English


My Reflection in Teaching and Learning English

This is my reflection of English. First of all, I would like to divide into three parts of categories. They are past, present and future. I would start with the past. I know English from my father. It began when I was a child. My father always gave me some books, especially English books. The book that I still remember was the vocabulary books with the pictures. The pictures were very interesting and colorful so it made me enjoy reading the book. I always read the book and memorize some words. That was the first time I knew about English. Later on, when I opened my father’s cabinet I found so many English books inside. There were Lado series and English 900 which were used in Audiolingual method. At that time I did not realize how important the books in the English method. Then, I kept the books and my father never told me about this. His hobby is collecting books; every kind of books from education, religion to herbal medicine. I have got something from my father, that parents can influence their children in learning foreign language. By giving some books to their children in foreign language especially English with the interesting and colorful book. It can help the children acquire the language. It is better not only just giving the book but also teaching the children how to pronounce the language or the vocabularies in the book.

Moreover, I got English lesson when I was at first grade in junior high school. The teacher was very good teacher because she always used English while she was explaining the lesson in the class. So, I think she had inspired me to know more about English. Then, when I was at the second grade of junior high school I tried to write a letter to my pen pal in Finland by using English. Whereas I had just learnt English and had no knowledge about writing a letter I had just confidence to write a letter in English. I was very happy when she replied my letter; it means that she understood what I meant. From that time I had motivated myself trying to learn English. From this experience that I can share to my students is I always tell the story to motivate them to write a letter or chat by internet and find some friends from other countries so they can use their English and implicate their ability.

The stages of learning in my life are also important. These stages of learning make me jump to this part in the post graduate. I took long process of learning especially in taking English course as my major. I took Diploma 3 in ABA Buddhi then I continued to English Department of UHAMKA so I took S1 program for six years. It was quite long time but I was grateful that I could have many experiences and knowledge in learning English that I have got great teachers and lectures and friends as well.  So that is why I have a big responsibility about my knowledge that I have got now and I want to share my knowledge to all my students and make them motivated and inspired by my experiences. I sometimes share my story to my students and discussed about everything.

Now I have been realize that I am in the post graduate level and know more about English and it becomes my stages of learning; from knowing nothing to know everything or from zero to hero. I have been autonomous learner since I was at junior high school up to now in learning English. I always made some stories in English to improve my writing. Moreover, I like listening English songs to improve my listening and pronunciation. I never join any kind of the English course but I learn English only from the formal school.  Learning foreign language especially English cannot be successful if the learners do not it seriously and autonomously. I also feel the stages of attitude after I get knowledge and information from school and university. I feel mature and wise in making decision and have considered of anything; which is the best priority of my life. I have tried not to be selfish and arrogant to face and solve the problem. As a teacher, I have some experiences in teaching English. I have become an English teacher since graduated from high school in Elementary school. Then, I also had become a teacher in a course for Elementary and Junior High school. While I was teaching in the course I was also teaching a High School student. When I am teaching English in Elementary school, in Junior High School and in High school I have prepared of myself because they had different objectives, materials, and topics. So, I had to search more information about their lesson and sometimes I took some materials from internet or newspaper and magazine. The best thing is the material has to be related with their daily life so they could understand it easily. As a teacher I have to be creative, especially in making learning activities because if I do not creative our lessons will be boring for students. I want to be a good English teacher for my students that always teach them about new things and make them curious. I can motivate them to use English in a good way. So, I can inspire them in learning English.

In the future, I have long term and short term goal for teaching and learning English. My short term goal is I want to finish my postgraduate as soon as possible and as best as I can. I could apply to University and be lecture of English Department. So I can share my knowledge to all students and improve my English ability in teaching and learning. For the long term is I wish and I hope I have my own course or school especially with the English class. The last but not least of my words is don’t stop practice and expose your English skill to get success in life.


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