First and Second Language


Book one : First Language Acquisition

According to this book, first language acquisition has been learnt since the baby comes to the world. After that they go through some stages to learn the first language. His mother teaches the baby how to walk and to speak even not in complete words. Basically, the mother has taught the baby to use the language even in simple way because it is more difficult to teach them how to speak than to walk; from murmuring at seven to ten months old then producing their words at six to twelve months old. After that they could combine their words and gestures and sometimes duplicate what adults said. They could produce simple to complex sentences.So that he could communicate in simple way and understand what other people said. The children do exposure from the concept of the language that he had already got from people in their around.
Moreover, social interaction and cognitive development could affect their language acquisition. It has been debated that children acquire the language by nature or nurture. How they learn the language by using the structure and linguistic? And some other rules of language. These rules make them rely on the right and wrong of language use in communication. The goal of the acquisition is to be speaker in their community so they could interact with other people without any boundaries.

Book two : Second Language Acquisition

According to this book, second language acquisition is the learning of another language after learning the first language and sometimes makes someone want to learn the third or the fourth language. The important thing is to understand the concept of the language in first language that had got it the before learning the second language. It is also known as natural exposure situation in the classroom. The next important thing in learning second language is the environment supported the speaker to learn, for example the Bataknese people has to learn Javanese language because he has been studying in Yogyakarta that majority of the people are using Javanese language.
The second language acquisition is acquired as conscious and unconscious knowledge which are phonology, syntax, morphology lexicon, semantics and pragmatics the language. Knowing the second language means that knowing the language as well as the native speaker with the complexity of the language.


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