The internet have negative effects on children

                 The internet have negative effects on children. One negative effect is the children are able to find pornography sites freely through pictures, videos, games, etc. If they see and watch those pictures and video, they will have curiosity and they want to try it. Thus, it is very dangerous for their psychology and development in the future. As Esposito point outs child pornography causes much harm through its use by pedophiles as a tool to destroy children’s inhibitions, teach the performance of sexual acts, and threaten or blackmail children, thereby furthering actual abuse. Another negative effect is that the internet makes the user become addicted. The children can sit in front of computer almost every day because they like listening music, playing games and meeting new people. According to the HomeNet Study, it was found that teenagers are much heavier user than their parents (Affonso, 1999).  Moreover, the internet makes declining in their academic score. They are lazy to study and to do their tasks because they cannot bring to an end using it. As Professor James Collins, a specialist in writing and teaching of writing at State University of NewYork sees several educational problems surfacing among school kids that are directly traceable to their exposure to the online world. In brief, the internet can very harmful for children in social, moral and cognitive developments such as pornography, addiction, and low academic score in the school.


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