Teenagers demonstrate their independence in several ways

            Teenagers demonstrate their independence in several ways. For instance, they can do their hobbies, join the art club, play music and do sport.

First of all, there are teenagers that do their hobbies to show their independence. Some of them like to collect series of cartoon figures such as Sponge Bob, Shaun the Sheep, Naruto, etc. Not only collecting cartoon figures, they also like collecting clothes that released by the famous brands such as Adidas, Rip Curl, Oakley, etc. They will buy the new edition of these brands to add their collections so they could express their independence by wearing the collections.

There are teenagers who like joining the art club to express their liberation. Some of them like painting, dancing, or role playing in theatre. If they enjoy in the art club they will make some work arts. Perhaps they could create famous work arts and make their own exhibition that makes them proud.

In addition, some teenagers like playing music to show their feelings especially for the boys. They establish group band with some classmates and practice in studio almost every day. They sometimes perform on the school events to have experiences.  Some of them want to be a popular group band and have their own album. Their dream will come true as long as they are serious and keep trying.

On the other hand, there are teenagers who follow sport club deal with their freedom. Some of them join PencakSilat, Karate, Boxing or Judo for those who like to fight. There are also some of teenagers join swimming, running, racing, etc. Some of them may play basketball, football, volleyball if they like working on team. They might be professional athletes if they could do the best in exercising.

In brief, there are certain types of independence how teenagers could act and try to show their self to the public that they could do many things to express their feelings and their hobbies in positive ways. So they have opportunities to use their time by knowing many things in their life.


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