Every year our family celebrates the Moslem holiday Ramadan in same ways.

                 Every year our family celebrates the Moslem holiday Ramadan in same ways. Especially in our family must be very busy with particular activities to fulfill the fasting month. First, ten days before Id Al Fitr, we always do praying intensively all day: reading Qur’an, shalat five times a day, and shalat Tarawih every night. Second, there are certain families doing holiday travel or “Mudik” to their hometown because they still have relatives in the village or another city. They usually do it one week before Id Al Fitr. So, they are able to celebrate with their family.  Third, our family usually makes special meals such as Ketupat, Rendang, Opor Ayam, Sambel Goreng Ati, and some kinds of cookies. They are made as the serving for the relatives and guest who attend our house. Next, on the Id Al Fitr day our family does praying in the morning and continues meeting or silaturahim to neighbor and the relatives. If the family is the oldest member, the family will be visited by the rest member of the family. If they are not, they will visit the oldest member of family. Our family celebrates the Id Al Fitr together with the rest member of family. In sum, our family does certain activities before celebrating the Id Al Fitr day. All members of family do some preparation to welcome the big day  so that the family feels excited in celebrating the holiday with relatives, neighbor and friends.



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