How to cook Gado-gado; a Special Dish

Yesterday was my holiday, usually my mother made something special for our lunch. She had already gone to market early in the morning to buy some materials to make this special meal. However, she had not told me yet what it was. She wanted to make surprise for me. She just gave me the clue; it was traditional meal and everybody like it very much. She added it was special meal from Jakarta. I thought some dishes from Jakarta in my mind such as Nasi Uduk, Nasi Ulam, Gado-gado, Kerak telor, Soto Betawi and Asinan Betawi. She asked me to cook the dish together, so that I can practice it by myself someday. My mother had not told me until she went home from the market that she wanted to make Gado-gado Betawi. In order to understand how to cook Gado-gado, it considered to understand how to make the dish and how the serving it.

Gado – gado is one of Indonesian food contains of boiled vegetable mixed together with peanut sauce and topping slice of eggs, fried onion and emping cracker. Gado-gado Betawi or Lotek in Sundanese for its cooked version – differed from Karedok for its fresh and raw version of vegetable covered with peanut sauce and pecel in Javanese is an Indonesian dish comprising a vegetable salad served with a peanut sauce dressing it. It is thought to have originally been a Sundanese dish. The Gado-gado could just eat directly and it also could eat with rice or lontong (rice cake wrapped in banana leaf). Actually it is a kind vegetable salad but it is different than other salads; in the ingredients, the sauce and the serving. Gado-gado has simple way to cook and everybody could try it at home. The good taste of Gado-gado is made by traditional way.

How to make Gado-gado? First, rinsed the vegetable which were consist of long bean, slice the vegetable into small pieces except cucumber. After that, boiled the chopped vegetable in boiling water and waited for a minute; then took the vegetable and waited until the vegetable are cool.To make peanut sauce, it used some ingredients such as roasted peanut, chilies, terasi (dried shrimp paste), salt, brown sugar, tamarind water, water to dilute and lime juice. All the ingredients were blended together until they mixed all. The ingredients were crushed by cobek (a traditional tool made of stone). The taste would be better if we used it to crushed them. However, it might have composed well before they blended. There were also some materials that sometimes added in the dish like fried tofu, fried tempe, and boiled eggs.

How to serve Gado-gado? It served after the ingredients of peanut sauce crushed well but did not forget to add a little lime juice to make it more tasty. After that, put boiled vegetable into the peanut sauce; then stirred well. Next, added some slices of tofu, potato, tempe and cucumber; then mixed well. Finally , served it in the plate and put the topping such as fried onion and emping cracker. It also could be served with rice or lontong (rice cake wrapped in banana leaf).

In the end, the Gado-gado Betawi that I made with my mother was delicious. I had finished my Gado-gado in a minute. The taste was not only good but also the cost was really cheap than other dishes. The dish was very healthy because it consists of vegetable. Gado-gado is special dish from my country. I love this traditional dish and I am happy,I could make it by myself.


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