Clothing Style among My Woman Peers

There are some huge markets of clothing or Factory Outlet (FO) could I find in my city recently. No wonder there are much choices and freedom in selecting clothing or outfit that are ready to wear. By wearing clothes people could express their feeling. Those stores would impact the clothing style of people in my city especially my peers and I. My peers have different characteristics and styles. Some of them came from different places and cultures. They also have diversity on age and appearances. Thus, there were some characteristics of clothing style on my woman peers.

First of all, there are so many stores that offer many kinds of clothing in different style and it may cause my peers wear various clothing. Some of my peers like to wear some clothes that they see in magazine or television especially Korean style. Since many people like the artists from Korea they follow their style either clothes or appearance. The Korean style inspires them in selecting the clothes that they wear every day. The characteristics of Korean style are tight pants, boots, jackets, shawl, cardigans, etc. Even the outfits are not suitable with our weather in Indonesia they keep wearing them as long as in the name of style and for their existence. Most of Artists in Indonesia also are inspired by Korean style.

Moreover, some of my peers are inspired by Indonesian artists in wearing the clothes. For example Syahrini, Manohara, Krisdayanti and Marshanda style. When last Id Fitr, some of my peers wore Kaftan’s Syahrini and it is very famous in my city. Some of them wear veil’s Manohara and Marshanda. They said why the clothes named Indonesia artists because the artists sometimes wear those outfits in many occasion so the seller used the artists’ name. My peers feel confident to wear the outfits because it represents their personality.

In addition, there are some of my peer wearing casual clothing in every occasion. They sometimes wear t-shirt and jeans because they think it is simple and no complicated. They never wear formal outfit like shirt, pair of trousers or blouse. It is because their jobs not demand they wear those kinds of clothes so they choose the simple one which is t-shirt and jeans. However when they want to attend the ceremonial event like wedding they sometimes borrow their friends’ clothes. Therefore, they have more collections on t-shirt and jeans.

Although some of them look what artists wear but there are some of my peers confident with their own style. They are nice to be looked elegant and feminine. They could mix and match the clothes that they have. For example they have bought new skirt and they still have old blouse in the same color; then they could match the clothes the new one and the old one. So they do not have to buy new clothes again and again. Sometimes they could match their clothes from veil to the shoes and it is really good to be seen. It is sometimes inspired my clothing style. Thus, we do not have to waste our money in purchasing the clothing.

Finally, it is amazed to know the reasons of my peers in choosing their clothes. Some of them are also wearing clothes based on the Islamic order. They said that clothes for a woman based on Islamic order are the clothes that are covering your body except your hands. So they wear clothes which are called Gamis (long dress with long sleeves) and long veil. They always wear those suits in every occasion. They think they feel secure and comfort by wearing those outfit. It can represent the Muslim identity and confident to move in their activities in everywhere.


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